Go Nuts With The Peanut Gallery

New Jersey hip-hop/pop duo The Peanut Gallery are bringing back the fun into music. Originally composed of five members but now cut down to two, rappers Orlando and Flee Jones are a Ying and Yang of one another. Orlando is a U.S. Army vet channeling his inner childhood through cartooning and break-dancing. Flee Jones is more of a hardcore rapper from the inner streets of New Jersey.

Influenced by the greats like Nas, DMX, G-Unit, and 2pac, The Peanut Gallery are on a non-stop mission to the top. They are preparing to release their debut project Tales From the Basement on October 13th. You’ll find their rhymes to be an interesting combination of playful and street.

Take a listen to The Peanut Gallery below. Especially “Molly Crazy” featuring Party of 5IVE and “Die Hard Dreams” which is a freestyle over Ratatat’s Loud Pipes.