Exclusive Interview with VVEREVVOLF

VVEREVVOLF is igniting the inner Rat Pack 80’s kid in all of us!

Bay Area natives, Kelsey LaRae and Dylan Gallagher make up the high-energy musical duo, vverevvolf. After meeting in a Junior College music class, the two decided to take matters into their own hands and create something more creative. Since Dylan was already creating music under the alias, werewolf, the two (Kelsey and Dylan) coming together decided to change the name and create something aesthetically pleasing. The two V’s represent two creative minds working together instead of just one.


The second these two hit the stage with their animal masks and light up shoes, the crowd knew they would bring down the house. There wasn’t a moment during the entire performance that the duo stopped the crowd engaging energy. Even making their want into the crowd to sing and dance along with their fans became the highlight of the night. The two are easily compared to other upbeat pop duos such as POWERS and New Spell.

Since the release of their single, ‘Cruel Games’ earlier this year, they have received exposure from publications such as NYLON & Impose. We loved catching up with Kelsey and Dylan to get a better understanding of how they would describe their own music and what we can expect to see from them for the rest of 2017.

Check out the full video interview by The Fog City Girls below!